Updated: December 9th 2022

Branding & SEO

We all know branding plays an important role in brick and mortar business. A strong brand identity is valuable in so many ways, and to see that in action, all you have to do is think about how many people invariably refer to all facial tissue as “Kleenex” or all copy machines as “Xerox machines.” But what about business on the Internet? Does the same hold true there, too? Well, it may surprise you to hear this, but in many ways, branding is even more important to your online business that it is to your offline business.

The reasoning behind that statement is simple: the Internet is full of stuff. It exacerbates the average person’s already fairly short attention span by virtue of the sheer volume of stuff to be found online. If your particular stuff doesn’t stand out in the person’s mind, it’ll get lost in the sea of other people’s stuff, and then it’s bye-bye profits, hello obscurity.

But when you make branding part of your SEO strategy, you’re not only making it easier for the search engines and their users to find you – you’re also working to ensure that your products or services stand out in those users’ minds. Developing a strong brand identity on the Internet works to build trust between you and your potential customers, as well, because it shows that you’re actively visible and reachable, and not some random scammer that’ll take all their money and run.

You want the trust a strong brand identity provides, because along with the aforementioned short attention span, people these days are also comparison shoppers. The Internet makes it easy to browse hundreds of different websites advertising the same products and services in order to find the best price. But once you’ve built that trust in your brand, people will remember you – particularly if you make it a point to get your brand out there in as many different relevant areas as possible so they can’t help but be reminded of you on a fairly regular basis – and you’ll get their business.

In conclusion, it’s paramount to make sure that you focus on your brand during the SEO process. Strong brand identities make for long term, sustained success, and what could be better than that?