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“We’ve worked with JSA InterActive since 2012. Their thought leadership and guidance in performance marketing has shaped our digital strategy, delivered tangible improvement to all our digital efforts, and most importantly, helped deliver qualified leads to our sales teams.”

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If you want to fill your calendar with trial members that are prepared and ready to go, invest in gun range marketing and appointment setting services. We will handle all of the communication so that you don’t need to. We will cover:

Gun range marketing

Capturing lead information

Answering basic questions

Setting up the free trial

Following up throughout the trial period

Selling membership to those who have finished the trial

When you are trying to get members to sign up for your range, it can be difficult to track down every lead that comes your way, especially in today’s world. This could be a full-time job by itself and as you know, not all leads are going to be good ones. You can call someone multiple times to no results.

That’s where we come in – we can help to set up appointments and free trials. We will work to ensure that leads have the information they need, show up when they are supposed to, and even know what is expected of them.

Appointment Setting For Firing Ranges: What We Do (So You Don’t Have To)

If you are looking to set up appointments for free trials, walk-throughs, or reservations, we can help with the following services:

Gun range marketing

Capturing lead information

Answering basic questions

Setting up the free trial

Following up throughout the trial period

Selling membership to those who have finished the trial

For more information about our services, feel free to reach out to our team.

How Does Gun Range Marketing & Appointment Setting Work?

First, our team helps to create advertisements and marketing material that will bring potential customers to a form. Once they fill out that form, we will start to communicate with them directly to set up their free trial, answer any questions they have, and ensure they are ready to go.

Our appointment setting services for gun ranges will connect with your future members where they are – on their phones and in their inboxes. Our service team will talk to them and ensure they understand the requirements, rules, and regulations. We will also guarantee that your calendar is up to date so that you have enough warning to prepare anything that you need to welcome these potential members into your gun range.

All of your gun range marketing and appointment setting will be carried out by real human beings who can respond to your leads in real-time, problem-solve, and make adjustments as the world continues to change. We will work with messaging that is pre-approved by your team and falls in line with the brand.

It really is that easy – give us a call today and we can set up a free consultation to talk about our appointment setting services for gun ranges.

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We know that the world is constantly changing and the faces of your clients change as well – which is why we are constantly working to improve our messaging and better connect with potential clients. You won’t have to spend any more time talking to people who aren’t really interested in what you have to offer and more time encouraging people to join your firing range after their initial trial.

Want to spend more time talking to the people who will become a paying member of your firing range? Contact us today!

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