Updated: September 20th 2019

Stuck in a conversion rut? PPC ads not paying for themselves by bringing you sales? You’re not alone – many business owners across the globe experience the exact same problem, and the culprit in most cases is the landing page. You see, getting a customer to click on your Google AdWords ad is unfortunately not the end of the battle when it comes to Internet marketing. No, the real battle is getting them to convert once they’ve clicked, whether you want them to buy a product, join a mailing list, or something else entirely. And to win that battle, you need a stellar landing page.

The landing page is the first thing your visitor sees when they click on your ad, so it has to be good. And that’s the tricky part for most business owners, because it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need to do to craft a landing page that will improve conversions and lead to sales if you haven’t got a lot of experience with it. Enter JSA Interactive.

Improve Conversions with Landing Page Redesign

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Our experts have decades of experience in crafting high quality landing pages that convert, and we can help you with a landing page redesign that will increase your conversions, whatever they might be. We use time tested and proven methods to optimize your landing page strategy and get the results you want to see, and use a four pronged approach to get the job done:

  • Keep it clean and concise – By eliminating any unnecessary elements cluttering up your landing page, you make more room to keep the visitor’s attention focused where you want it.
  • Provide instant answers – Within the first few seconds of landing on your page, your visitor should be able to determine exactly where they are and what they can do while they’re there.
  • Work the language – Landing page language, like the design, should be clean, concise and clutter free. Getting right to the point means you’re not giving the visitor idle time to get bored and leave.
  • Show who you are – Why should someone buy from you? Your landing page should express that you are credible and trustworthy. It should also show how you are different from your competitors and therefore the best choice.

When used together with our other methods, this four pronged approach improves conversions and gets results. An optimized landing page can make all the difference in your bottom line, so its importance cannot be overlooked. If you are stuck in a conversion rut, we invite you to contact us and find out how JSA Interactive can help you turn it around.

Your Next Step

To get started, simply request a quote, tell us what you need, and a JSA Interactive representative will be in touch soon to discuss your options and how we can help. And for more information on what we’ve done for our clients so you can get an even better idea of what we can do for you, we invite you to please check out one (or all!) of our free case studies, available for download instantly.