Updated: December 9th 2022

Although a website can have an unlimited number of pages and be easily maintained using a Content Management System like WordPress or Joomla, there is a limit on the information which can be shown to a visitor on a certain page. Depending on the visitor’s monitor size and resolution, the amount of content which is visible by default when the user lands your website varies in size.

How to Use the Fold to Increase Conversions

There are two important terms to understand when presented with a scenario like this one, “above the fold” and “below the fold”. Above the fold is that top half of the page which is initially visible when the page loads. Everything from the bottom edge of your screen to the top edge of it is considered above the fold. The rest of the page that a visitor has to scroll in order to see it is called “below the fold.”

What the visitor sees above the fold can have a huge impact of how your potential customers will judge your website, especially when the visitor is checking out your website for the first time. What’s above the fold can also have a big impact on your conversion rates – if you are forced to place your call to action content below the fold, you may miss out on some clicks, but if you can fit all of the most important information above the fold, you can increase conversions by making the most of that space.

The term “fold” is derived from the fold in a newspaper. Have you ever noticed that when a newspaper is folded in half, the top half contains the most important news items which can be seen at a glance? The same thing happens when a visitor lands on your website.

If your visitors have to scroll down to get all the information from your home page or landing page, or even to view your call to action, you are definitely losing them. And on a final note, regardless of where you place your call to action, make sure it is easily identifiable and distinct from other elements on your page. If your page is longer than normal and the visitor has to scroll, make sure you repeat the call to action more than once – just be careful not to overwhelm the visitor with too many of them – and you’ll be able to increase conversions this way, too.

– from Yojance, JSA’s WordPress Ninja