Updated: January 14th 2020
Homepage redesign services from JSA for increased profits & conversions

Homepage Redesign

Landing pages are great for PPC ads and other similar types of marketing campaigns, because they allow you to attach a targeted, specialized webpage to the ad in question, and targeted pages like that really work when it comes to PPC.

Your website’s homepage, however, is a different story entirely. It’s usually a bad idea to link a PPC ad directly to the main page of your website, because while the content they were hoping to see from the ad may be there on the main page, it’s also quite likely that you have a lot of other information on there, too – information about products unrelated to that PPC ad, for example. This makes it much more difficult to convert that visitor into a sale, because they may not know where to look on your site to find the information they came for. The result is that they leave, and you don’t get your sale.

Redesign Your Homepage to Increase Conversions

But here’s the interesting thing: just because it’s usually bad form to link your main page to an ad doesn’t mean you can’t increase conversions using that main page. You just have to approach it differently and optimize your homepage in such a way that it, too, will help you increase conversions.

The first step in the process of optimizing your homepage is to determine all of the different objectives you have for that homepage, and then separate them into categories: primary objectives, secondary objectives, and all the rest. This determines the hierarchy of your content, and will immediately make clear what your home page should spend the most time highlighting.

And here are a few tips on how you can go about doing that highlighting:

    • Go big. Websites are visual creatures by nature, so when a visitor lands on one, the most visually interesting elements are likely to be the ones they notice first. There should be more space for the content relating to your primary objectives than is given to those objectives of lesser importance. You want them to see the most important thing first.


    • Mind the arrangement. Like size, objects in certain spots on websites are noticed before others, so primary objectives should appear in these spots. By arranging the content in order of importance, you have greater control over how your visitor digests that content.


  • Go easy on the bells and whistles. While it’s true that flashy elements on websites attract attention, it’s not always the attention you were aiming for. A quickly moving graphic might attract the eye, but it’s more like an automatic reflex than it is an indicator of their actual interest. In fact, most Internet users are just annoyed by them. So go easy on the bells and whistles – too many fancy things can clutter up a page and hide your content rather than highlight it.

If you are thinking about redesigning your business’ homepage to increase conversions, JSA Interactive can help. We use proven methods for homepage optimization that will get you the successful results you and your business deserve.

Your Next Step

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