"Business has been exploding here since the start of the New Year! I just wanted to say thanks to your team for all of the efforts. JSA Interactive never gave up, testing and executing until we hit the jackpot! I now have a client-generating machine working on auto-pilot. I would refer them in a heartbeat to my friends, family or any business that needs help generating more business."

− Daniel Stockmann, ESQ - Stockmann Law, Nebraska Interstate Drug Defense

"We came to JSA with a partially designed website from a previous vendor that needed intelligent restructuring and completion. The team jumped right in, helping us to create a polished and professional finished product for our targeted audiences. It is not easy to find an agency that works so seamlessly with a client, but I absolutely loved how they always seemed to get what I was saying and took the time to ask questions whenever they were unclear and became an extension of my team – the result was the website my business needed: clean, professional, and reflective of our company’s brand and mission."

− Brendon Brewster

"Our decision to work with JSA Interactive is turning out wonderfully! The team at JSA has been attentive and responsive to our needs, but more importantly, we are getting the steady stream of leads and surrogates that we need in order for us to continue thriving as a business. We are quite pleased with JSA Interactive’s lead generation program, and are glad that we decided to give it a try. We highly recommend this service to any business looking for pre-qualified lead generation."

− Zara Griswold, Director, Family Source Consultants, LLC

"JSA Interactive has been a great agency to work with! Their search engine optimization efforts have help our website rank in the first position in the Google search results for 10 keywords and in the top ten position for 41 other keywords. Their reputation management service has helped us to increase our business review scores on business directories such as Google, Yelp, Yahoo Local, CitySearch and Insider Pages. Between their SEO results, reputation management results, and the fantastic conversion rate (27%) on the landing page they developed for us, we’ve seen a definite increase in the patients we see as a result of the marketing done by JSA Interactive."

− Krystal N., Marketing Director, Eye Care Specialists

"JSA Interactive’s research, systematic approach, and data-driven decisions practically guaranteed that our campaign would achieve superior results. And those results speak for themselves: an average ad click through rate of 7.35%, ad conversion rates of over 41%, and landing page conversion rates of up to 29% helped us to beat our estimated cost per conversion rate by a whopping 49% – and all in only 30 days of the campaign! JSA Interactive always treats us like a valuable client and we are very pleased to be working with them."

− Michael Morrison, Co-Founder and CEO, Tutor Universe

"Prior to engaging JSA Interactive’s services, we took the Wet Noodle approach to market, throwing pieces up here and there and hoping they stuck. JSA came in and went to work right away implementing a scientific Test-Optimize-Retest structure that allows us to not only pinpoint content and design structures that increase our marketing performance, but continuously improves existing techniques to improve our results. Since engaging JSA’s services, we’ve seen a significant increase in lead generation, as well as almost $500k in new business from the first campaign! We would highly recommend JSA Interactive’s services to anyone seriously interested in getting the most ROI from their marketing budget."

− Craig Rovere, VP Marketing, All Metals & Forge Group

"Every member of the JSA team pays constant attention to the quality of work they produce for us. Across the board, your ad concepts, design, copywriting, programming, and analytics have been extremely well conceived and implemented. In a relatively short period of time, we built a process that improved the quality of our keyword searches, increased conversions, and enhanced our visibility. Most importantly, JSA’s approach is integrated; JSA understands our business goals and constantly comes up with new ideas and more effective ways for us to efficiently gain market share."

− Kai Rostcheck, Director of Marketing, ZeeVee

"Increased visitors by 201%!
Increased leads by 407%!

Since we began our marketing with JSA Interactive just two months ago, we have doubled the number of visitors to our website and quadrupled our number of web leads! On top of this, we have learned a great deal about our market and who we are advertising to, which, in turn, has helped us create a more effective marketing campaign. We are very satisfied with the professionalism and dedication we receive from JSA Interactive."

− Michelle Montgomery, Surrogate Parenting Services

"Over 14,096 unique visitors generated, with bounce rates under 50%!
As a small company, it is invaluable to have a resource that can focus on key areas where you do not have the bandwidth or expertise internally. JSA Interactive has delivered great results! They delivered page 1 rankings for several target key words in a very competitive market space as well as advised us on more cost effective strategies to leverage both our natural and PPC search efforts. Julian has worked with many start ups and really understands the challenges that a small company faces – needing to do more, faster, on a tight budget."

− Jackson Madnick, CEO/President, Pearl’s Premium

"825% Increase in Leads in Under 120 Days!
The last client we thrilled increased traffic on highly qualified keywords by 403% in less than 60 days. One of the search engine visitors was American Express… they called for a proposal the same day!
We are thrilled with the work. Traffic from customers is way up! We are engaging with JSA Interactive for even more work."

− Todd M. Grant, Vice President – Marketing, LogicBay

"I really enjoyed working with JSA Interactive. They were full of ideas and had great project management for our website work. They not only helped with the design and copy but improved the overall website. They are proactive and responsive to our requests. It was a pleasure working with them and I would recommend them to my friends and colleagues."

− Valentina Brugnoli-Brewster, past co-owner of DM Fashion Studio

"As a real estate agent, I need a website that looks professional and matches my personality, but is also easy to change and expand as my business changes and expands. JSA Interactive provided exactly what I was looking for, and they are always there when I need them to help me make the changes that keep my site current and up-to-date. I would recommend them to any small business owner looking for help in creating and maintaining a professional web presence."

− Lisa Curlett
Michelle Montgomery
Michelle Montgomery
15:25 07 Aug 17
We've worked with JSA for many years and they have helped us a great deal with growing our online presence and obtaining more leads. JSA's staff is well versed in online marketing and strategy and they offer a wealth of knowledge to their clients. I highly recommend their services for any business looking to grow online.
Arik Benari
Arik Benari
21:03 08 Aug 17
Literally the best online marketing team on the East Coast. The level of attention and results I've received as a customer of theirs has surpassed every expectation I had when I engaged them, and we've happily expanded the services we are receiving as we've moved forward.
Lori Hendrickson
Lori Hendrickson
15:01 09 Aug 17
Pleasure to work with this team. Always prompt, responsive, and detail oriented. Thank you for all your help JSA!
Brendon Brewster
Brendon Brewster
11:36 14 Jun 17
Fantastic turnaround and very responsive. The rates are reasonable. The team created a website and did performed SEO after which we saw an immediate difference in the volume of traffic and sales. Highly recommended.
Prime Genetics
Prime Genetics
21:31 08 Aug 17
Always such a great help to our agency in regards to marketing advice! The staff is personal and friendly! Thanks you guys!
Ke Maz
Ke Maz
17:41 31 Aug 17
Highly knowledgable about how to undertake Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects. Including devising programs to counter defamation attacks, fake news, cyber-harrasment, cybersquatting, cyberterrorism etc. Which unfortunately is the NEW NORM in this phase of Internet development. Their strategies went a long way in winning the first page of Google search results - which is critical. They powerfully push down nefarious content.
Marina Shumenkova
Marina Shumenkova
21:18 08 Sep 17
I have worked with JSA Interactive for two years and It has been a blast! Julian is organized, open minded, and a pleasure to work with. We have worked on many projects together, and he always looks out for new approaches and ideas. Amazing experience!
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