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Free Nonprofit PPC Marketing Through Google Ad Grants and JSA Interactive

Wondering how nonprofit PPC marketing could improve your donations and volunteers? It will change the way you think about advertising and completely shift how you bring in donations – all while taking less than a few minutes of time from you each week, thanks to Google and JSA Interactive.

Nonprofit organizations face a pretty big challenge: You have to do the most good with your money, but that money also has to go into advertising so that you can make more money. With so many people able to look into your records, it can be quite the balancing act. PPC advertisement might be a fantastic option for you – it allows you to target specific types of people and track your ads.

What if there was an option to get free PPC advertisement placement on websites that your donors visit? It turns out, there is! Google Ad Grants is a program for 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

PPC advertising allows nonprofits to reach their target audiences and build up brand recognition. Google Ad Grants offer the chance to place PPC ads at little cost to you. Even if that sounds great, there is still a problem: PPC advertising and PPC marketing for nonprofit organizations takes up a long time. Not only does it take quite some to apply for the grant, but it also requires even more time to develop, manage, and analyze the ads once they are up.

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That’s where JSA Interactive comes in – we take that Google Ad Grant and make it work for you without a lot of work from you or your team. Our advertising services for nonprofits use the Google Ad Grant to develop effective advertisements, monitor their success, and either repeat them or try something new. Free PPC marketing for nonprofit organizations is a great way to dip your toes into the PPC market if that is an avenue you are considering in the future.

We will set up and manage your advertising and PPC ads so that you can focus on doing good – all while you reap the rewards.

What is the Google Ad Grants Program?

The Google Ad Grant program allows eligible nonprofits to get $10,000 per month ($329 per day) in free PPC advertising. This money goes through AdWords for marketing and advertising, bringing more visitors and donations into your websites.

You’ve likely seen these ads before – they are all over local websites, Facebook, and pretty much any site you go to. The great thing about PPC advertising is that you can target it to a specific type of person or persons so that you get the most bang for your (free) buck.

Are We Eligible for Free PPC Marketing Through Google Ad Grants?

Not every organization is eligible to apply for Google Ad Grant and the free advertising that comes with it, though many, many organizations and nonprofits are eligible.

  • Have an up to date, operating website;
  • Have current 501(c)(3) status;
  • Have a valid EIN;
  • No current AdSense ads;
  • No affiliate advertising;
  • No non-traditional donations accepted; and
  • No government agencies, academic institutions, medical organizations, or child care centers
Want to get up to $10,000/mo in free advertising for your non-profit?

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How Free Nonprofit PPC Marketing Works

JSA Interactive helps you with your PPC marketing, but really the work that comes with it isn’t any different from our PPC marketing services that we do for traditional businesses. However, instead of you putting out most of the money, you work within the constraints of the Google grant ($10,000 per month, $329 per day). If you want more, we can discuss other options because Google does allow supplemental money from you.

We will run keyword research, find the best keywords to reach your target audience, and work them into short and simple statements that draw attention. Next, we write the actual ads, ensuring that the text and placement meet your brand’s standards. This is extremely important: people will judge your nonprofit based on these ads, so you have to get this right.

Our team of dedicated, experienced advertising experts will design, create, monitor, and test your PPC advertising and the results that we get. We do this for many different types of companies and have achieved great success, as you can see in our case studies. You’ll have access to the results of your campaigns as well, so you can understand where your ad grant money is going and who is donating. This not only helps us place and create ads, but it can also help you to get a better understanding of who is interested in your nonprofit.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Free PPC Marketing for Nonprofits: What We Do

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