Updated: December 9th 2022

We say it a lot, but choosing the right keywords is crucial to the success of your inbound marketing efforts. When you’ve got the right keywords in place and each page is optimized to make the most of them, then you’ll be much more likely to get your website, landing pages, or PPC ads in front of the right people.

Last week, we gave you 3 inbound marketing keyword tips, and today we’re going to give you 3 more quick tips that should help your efforts go even further.

3 More Quick Keyword Tips for Inbound Marketing

  • Strike a Competition Balance. When you conduct keyword research using a tool like the Google Keywords Tool, you’ll note that there’s a column advising you of that particular keyword or phrase’s competition, and this is an important part to get right. If the competition is too high, then you may be throwing your money away, but if the competition is too low, then you may be…well, throwing your money away. So what should you do? Try to strike a balance – go for keywords that have something around a minimum of 400 for a monthly search volume, and then use your best judgment and your budget’s bottom line to determine how high to go on the maximum end of the spectrum.
  • Consider a Keyword Domain. Domains with exact match keywords already built in can sometimes sail right to the top of the search engine results. This tactic won’t always be your best bet for a main business website, but when you need to set up new domains for promotions or new products, keep it in mind.
  • Keep Vigilant. It’s not enough to do the research once, create your page, and then forget about it. Once your keywords are in place, you need to keep an eye on them, and revisit your research on a regular basis. Keeping your keywords list fresh and updated will allow you to stay on top of things and add keywords that may perform even better, or remove keywords that aren’t helping you out as much as you thought they would.

The perfect keywords list doesn’t happen overnight – it takes practice. When you’re doing keyword research to make your inbound marketing more effective, you need to think strategically, monitor your efforts regularly, and stay up to date. The more you do it, the better you’ll be, and we’ll be here with more tips when you need them!