B2B marketing strategies

B2B Email Marketing Tips: Best List Growth Techniques?

by michael • February 21, 2013

B2B email marketing is one of the most common forms of advertising that companies of all sizes and in all industries engage in. It’s been around for a long time (in terms of the Internet, anyway!) and continues to remain popular even with the advent of newer Internet marketing tactics like Pay Per Click and […]

B2B Marketing Strategy: Best Times for Social Media Posts?

by michael • September 24, 2012

Adding social media to your B2B marketing strategy is a smart move to make, but it’s also one that can bring up a lot of questions. “How do I post?” and “What do I post?” are two of the most common of those questions, but if you are really thinking in terms of strategy, then […]

B2B Marketing Articles: A Round-Up of Our Posts This Week

by michael • September 14, 2012

It’s Friday, and we’ve spent all this past week covering various aspects of the B2B marketing world, from email marketing best practices to B2B marketing tips and B2B social media. In case you missed anything, we’ve compiled a round-up of the all the great information we’ve been sharing in list form for easy access. B2B […]

B2B Marketing Ideas: Whitepapers

by michael • September 12, 2012

Content marketing is one of the best ways to extend your business’s reach on the Internet, and one of the best B2B marketing ideas you can take advantage of is putting a whitepaper to good use. Whitepapers are excellent for B2B marketing efforts, because they allow you to basically kill multiple marketing birds with a […]

B2B Marketing Strategies: Video Marketing Ideas

by michael • September 11, 2012

You’ve got a camera, some video editing software, and you’re on board with using video in your B2B marketing strategies because you know that it can be incredibly helpful, so it’s time to make a video! But having the equipment and the drive isn’t enough – you also need a topic, and that changes the […]

B2B Marketing Strategies: Video Marketing Tips

by michael • September 11, 2012

Video is a powerful tool to include and utilize in your B2B marketing strategies. Since the Internet is still primarily a text medium, written content is still the backbone, but with the advances in technology we’ve seen rolling out at such an astounding pace over the last few years, video has certainly become much more […]