SEO Help: Staying On Page 1 Of Google Is Getting Harder

by michael • October 26, 2012

SEO help has never been more critical to businesses that rely on their websites to drive sales. You probably already know that Google, like all search engines, is constantly refining the way in which it values and displays websites for search results. Recent changes to the Google search engine results page have whittled down the […]

SEO Help Tools & Resources: WordPress SEO by Yoast

by michael • October 7, 2012

When it comes to your blog, effective SEO is consistent SEO. You already know that you should be blogging with keywords in mind, and optimizing your posts to make it as easy as possible for the search engines and users to find what you’ve got to offer, but just because you have to do it […]

3 Inbound Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: The User Experience

by michael • September 30, 2012

Inbound marketing, like any other type of marketing, is not without its pitfalls and sand traps. Many times, marketers will get hung up on getting the SEO done correctly and let other equally as important aspects, like the reader/viewer/user experience, fall by the wayside. But search engines don’t actually buy anything from you, and if […]

Content Marketing Strategy: Why You Need to Get Your Content in Front of the Right Audience

by michael • August 27, 2012

“Content is king” is a common phrase heard ’round the online marketing world, and it’s easy to see why: content is what attracts visitors to your website (and, by proxy, your business), and the better your content is, the more attention it will receive. If you look around, all of the most successful businesses with […]

SEO Help: Turn Your 404 Into Something More

by michael • August 23, 2012

For many business websites the 404 page rarely gets any attention. Generally it is a page that no web developer wants the user to see. Many hours go into making sure that the website is functioning properly and that all links lead to somewhere. But it is going to happen, the user will end up […]

The Role of Branding in Effective SEO Strategy

by michael • August 8, 2012

Branding & SEO We all know branding plays an important role in brick and mortar business. A strong brand identity is valuable in so many ways, and to see that in action, all you have to do is think about how many people invariably refer to all facial tissue as “Kleenex” or all copy machines […]

Stuck for New Blog Content? Learn to Recycle!

by michael • August 7, 2012

It’s likely inevitable that at some point during your blogging career, you’re going to get stuck for an idea. It’s important to keep up a regular posting routine, though, so what do you do if you’re stuck for blog content, but you still need to post? Easy: recycle! In order to recycle content effectively, you […]