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Local SEO for Lawyers

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Local SEO for lawyers focuses in on the design, optimization, and updates to your law firm’s website, blog, social media accounts, professional sites and anything else you put on the internet. At JSA Interactive, we will work with your law firm to establish yourself online and then make it possible for people to find you. If you are a smaller firm or one that is just starting out, we can help you to establish your branding through local SEO for lawyers and start building up your client list, reviews, and online personality. If you are a well known law firm, we will help you to expand your existing work, help you reach out to former clients for reviews, and build on what you have already done.

Law Firm Marketing Agency

When we work with local SEO for lawyers, we start with some of the basics: getting your company website running smoothly, optimizing landing pages, providing valuable information for potential clients, and ranking you near the top of Google and other search engines. SEO, search engine optimization, helps you to rank everywhere that you want to work. Local SEO is especially important for lawyers because your business is so centrally located. Ranking for a certain term, such as “drug lawyer” is great, but you won’t always be able to help the person who comes to your website – you need someone from your immediate area to find you through search engines.

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At the same time, we can help you to rank outside of your service area as well, helping you to establish yourself even more and think about expansion. With local SEO for lawyers, you can meld and bend your practice so that you can target exactly the kinds of cases that you want.

Lawyer Marketing Services

Local SEO for Lawyers

Our company grew out of the need for SEO experts in all fields. As we started to work with a few companies and as their online presences and client base grew, so did our name. We eventually started working with law firms, providing complete local SEO for lawyers.

With skills we have honed over the years, we have found that our approach to local SEO for lawyers allows us to get quantifiable results that will keep your client base (and reputation) growing. Even better, our team learns and grows constantly, keeping up with the changes to the SEO algorithm. This is something that changes regularly, so it is essential to keep up with it in all fields, but it is particularly important for local SEO for lawyers. With law firms building websites every day, staying ahead of the curve is key.

Our team of experts all use white hat methods, legal approaches, and best practices to help you rank on Google and beyond.

Local SEO For Lawyers

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Local SEO for Lawyers Experts

No matter where you work, local SEO is the most important thing that you can do to reach the general public. With lawyers, people are likely to be searching on their phones after a traffic stop or a phone call from a loved one – they aren’t going to go drive around town and find an advertisement on a bus stop or look in the phone book. The amount of people that are doing that continues to fall each and every year.

No matter how catchy your jingle is on a commercial or how intimidating you look on a billboard, online is where you need to be.

One thing that sets our local SEO experts apart? We understand dialect. People speak differently from different places, so understanding where people use the word “lawyer” and where they use “attorney” is important. Same with terms like DUI and DWI.

Our local SEO for lawyers experts work on many different platforms, including optimizing content, writing blogs, helping with videos, taking over social media, and building a great navigation system. Call us today to get started.

Our team works with a wide variety of industries and companies, including small and large businesses and even those that are primarily online.

Local SEO for Lawyers: Content Creation

One of the most popular ways to build local SEO for lawyers is to develop content to fill your web pages. This content has to be precise and targeted to what it is that you do. If you don’t handle hit and run cases, for example, you don’t want the content to be about that. It is important to target the people you actually represent.  Of course, all of this information needs to be correct and informative without giving someone everything that they need to handle the situation on their own. The very nature of the internet makes it possible for someone to click on your website, realize that it is filled with filler content and nothing of substance, and then click back and go somewhere else.

As local SEO for lawyers experts, we help you determine what content that you need – and then provide you with it. We don’t have a “one size fits all” option – we develop everything with your specific company in mind. Everything we do goes right through you as well – so you don’t have to worry about your reputation.

The internet continues to change on a daily basis, and it will always be that way. It takes a lot of time, training, and dedication to keep up with the amount of work that it takes to truly be competitive in local SEO for lawyers. Bigger law firms have entire teams of people dedicated to SEO, but smaller firms cannot always do that – so that’s why hiring a local SEO company for lawyers is so important.

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SEO experts aim to take some of the pressure off of your team and put it on ours. We hope that you can work with our team to reap the rewards of a healthy, complete SEO strategy.

Our team of local SEO for lawyers experts is excited to work with firms of all sizes and scopes, making your web page better, your content more interesting, and your name more well known.  We firmly believe that with some hard work for your website and some hard work, any website can be a winning marketing tool for any company.