Updated: December 1st 2022

It’s likely inevitable that at some point during your blogging career, you’re going to get stuck for an idea. It’s important to keep up a regular posting routine, though, so what do you do if you’re stuck for blog content, but you still need to post?

Easy: recycle!

In order to recycle content effectively, you do need to have something of a backlog of posts to work from already. So if you’ve just begun blogging for your business and only have a month’s worth of posts, this is not the advice you’re looking for – yet. Come back and put this into practice a little later, though, because it’s a useful tool to keep in your blogging toolbox.

Recycling Blog Content Tips

If you have enough old material to work with, then there are two different ways you can go about recycling a post to get some more miles out of it:

  • Find a post you feel isn’t quite up to par with your other work and rewrite it. If you blog for long enough, you’re bound to have a few posts that you feel could be better. Grab one of them, and look to see how you can improve it: Is new information available that you could update it with? Is the old topic somehow new and relevant again? Can you add more in-depth information to something you previously glossed over? Once you’ve fixed it up, then you can post it anew (and, if you link it back to the old version, you’ll score a handy deep linking opportunity in the process).
  • Do a “this time last year…” type follow-up post by linking to an old post and re-examining it with the benefit of that year’s worth of perspective. For example, say the old post was on the latest hot trend in PPC marketing – does the advice you gave still stand up today? If so, why? If not, why not – and what should your readers try instead?
  • Old blog posts can also find new readers if you occasionally push them via social media. This is particularly useful if you’ve recently gained new readers due to a post that got a lot of attention – if they’re new, they don’t know what you were writing about 3 months ago, so from time to time you can go ahead and let them know about different older posts you feel are worth reading.

Your blog is a valuable part of your company’s marketing plan, and by making strategic use of content recycling, you can ensure you keep regularly providing your users with quality, engaging content.