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Most online marketing and SEO tools and techniques are capable of doing double duty (as in, a single tool can work to achieve two goals), but there is one tool that is capable of helping you do it all at once, and that’s video. Over the course of just a few short years, the technology necessary to make video ubiquitous has caught up to the market, and now you can’t swing a cat without running into a streaming video online. Video has now become an incredibly powerful marketing tool that anyone can take advantage of, and that includes you, too.

What Video Marketing Can Do For You

So what makes video an all-in-one marketing power tool? Here’s just a short list of some of the biggest contributions a great video can make to your marketing strategy:

Video: Your All-in-One Marketing Power Tool
  • It helps you establish your online presence.
  • It helps you develop, build and maintain brand identity.
  • It helps you establish you/your company as an authority and expert in your industry.
  • It helps with both SEO and link building activities.
  • It presents a great opportunity to create engaging, unique, interesting content.

If you’ve ever seen what happens to someone that posts a video that goes viral, then you know the potential video offers you in terms of exposure and attention. Video works so well because it’s so versatile and such a natural, easy way for people to consume information online. Since video combines sound with movement, it can be more entertaining than your average static blog post or article. They are capable of delivering a complex message effectively in a shorter amount of time, and they make it easier for you to connect with people in a more tangible-feeling way.

To make a useful video for your company, you don’t need all of the latest high tech gadgets – in fact, with a good enough script, all you really need is you and a decent webcam. High production values and flashy editing are great, but the real foundation of a great video is the content. Without good content, all the snazzy editing in the world won’t make it a success, so you need to start there. Here are some ideas to get you moving:

  • Got video of your company giving a presentation at that convention or trade show last year? Edit it down to deliver some of the most interesting information, and post it online. If you’re lucky, you can get a lot of new videos to post by going through older recordings like that.
  • Got a new product to talk about? Do an unboxing video of it. Unboxing videos are particularly popular among the technology and electronics crowd, and are just people opening their new gadgets for the first time and giving their impressions of what they find.
  • Got an interesting employee? Go interview him or her and post that.
  • Got a fun company event, like a picnic or party? Film it and post some highlights to the Internet. Bonus points if you manage to capture something funny and unexpected.
  • Got a great presentation you did for a client or your employees? Turn it into a video and spread the knowledge around.

As you can see, there’s no limit to the ways you can be creative with video marketing. Focus on providing solid, useful content and try to present it in a way that’s as interesting and entertaining as possible, and you could find yourself sitting on a marketing goldmine.



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