Updated: December 5th 2022

Video is one of the most powerful tools your company has for marketing online, and you can see some major potential gains from them if you handle it right. You don’t have to be a professional videographer or director to make a great video for the Internet – all you need is a great idea, some basic equipment, and good delivery.

5 Easy Video Marketing Tips

If you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at video marketing for your business, here are 5 helpful tips for video marketing made easy that you can put into practice right away:

  • Create a storyboard – There’s a reason that animators and film directors use storyboards: they make it easy to visually plot out the progression of the film and see everything in order in an organized way. Your storyboard doesn’t have to be complicated – it can just be something as simple as a few different sections planned out, so you know what visual goes with what audio, and in what order.
  • Keep an eye on your production values – You do not need to have the most expensive high tech camera or a professional videographer handling all the camera work, but you do need to have a camera that produces a clear picture, some decent lighting so we can see you (or whatever it is you’re filming), and clear audio. Even the most amazing content is going to be pretty useless if no one can see or hear it.
  • Keep it short – Figure out the most concise, clear way to convey your message and stick to it. Don’t make your viewers sit through 10 minutes of stuff to gain only 4 minutes of useful information – chances are, they won’t stick around to dig the valuable information out.
  • Make sure your video is branded to you – Bookend the video with your logo, company contact information, and any information a viewer might need to complete a call to action, like a link to subscribe to more videos or sign up for your newsletter. You want to ensure that everyone is clear on who made the video so they will remember you and your business.
  • Don’t forget the SEO – Make sure that your video title and any other text that accompanies it are optimized with your business name, keywords, and whatever else you can fit in so that your video is clearly labeled and easy to find and share. No sense making a video if no one actually interested in your topic ends up seeing it!

These are just 5 easy things you can put into practice to make your video marketing efforts more effective. Video is a powerful tool, and using it the right way can mean big benefits for your business.