Updated: August 18th 2022

Pinterest is the latest big social media platform that allows its users to create image collages called “pinboards” that they can then share with other users. Though it is still new compared to Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest has quickly become the third most popular social media platform, and many businesses are hopping aboard to use it for their social media marketing efforts.

Whether you haven’t yet taken the plunge and started using Pinterest for your own business, or you’re already happily pinning away, we’ve compiled 3 great Pinterest tips to help you along.

3 Tips for Social Media Marketing on Pinterest

  • Get Connected. Make sure you connect your business’s Pinterest account to your business’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. It will help you gain followers, and add little Facebook and Twitter icon links under the picture on your Pinterest profile.
  • Get Commenting. Pinterest allows people to add comments to your pins, which means it allows you to add comments to other people’s pins, too. Doing so is a great way to build relationships and encourage people to come check out your pinboards, which will help you get some comments of your own.
  • Get Some Blog Images. When you blog for your business, you should be adding an image to your posts as often as possible – ideally, each and every time you post. This is because it’s good for SEO and it’s good for your readers, but it’s also good for social media marketing with Pinterest. If your blog post has an image, it can be pinned. Just make sure that the image is pretty enough or eye-catching enough or otherwise interesting enough that people will actually want to look at it.

These are just three ways to improve your social media marketing and get more out of using Pinterest for your business.