Updated: December 1st 2022

Bing is Microsoft’s answer to the search engine, advertised as a “decision engine.” It was went live back in 2009, and has since been working hard to try to take some of the search share away from Google, who completely dominates in this area in terms of users. But don’t discount Bing just because it’s not as big as Google – if you’ve been thinking about adding Bing PPC to your marketing mix, but haven’t yet taken the plunge, read on for 3 great reasons you should start!

3 Great Reasons to Use Bing PPC

  • It Just Hit An All-Time High – Google is still the champ when it comes to search share, but considering Google’s huge reach, Bing is not doing too badly at all. In fact, as of August 2012, it hit an all time high and clocked in with 15.9 percent of the search share, according to Search Engine Land, putting it at Number Two.
  • It’s Easy to Get Started – If you’re already using Google AdWords, you’re basically ready to go. Bing Ads offers you the ability to import your AdWords campaigns directly for use with Bing (though you cannot go the other way around). To make the most of this, simply choose your best performing AdWords campaigns, import them into Bing, and start running them. Since the platforms are similar in terms of the results keywords get, your optimized Google campaigns should perform just as well, if not better, and…
  • It’s Cheaper – Bing’s cost per click is often much lower than you’ll get with Google AdWords. While you will be reaching a smaller audience using Bing, the return on your PPC investment may end up being much higher, simply because it costs less for you to get those clicks.

Bing PPC Revenue Growth Comparison
Convinced yet? Bing PPC can be an excellent complement to your other pay per click advertising efforts, and these are just 3 great reasons you should consider adding it to your marketing mix today.