Updated: December 9th 2022

People on the Internet tend to have short attention spans, and that’s a driving force behind a lot of things you’ll do when marketing your business online. So many things often boil down to your ability to grab a visitor’s interest in the few seconds it takes before they get bored and click away that getting your point across with the least fuss possible becomes paramount. Clever headlines, good content, and good site design are some ways of achieving that goal, but now you have a new tool to add to your attention-grabbing arsenal: the infographic.

What is an infographic? How can I use it for SEO?

An infographic is basically a visual representation of some form of information or another. This can include charts and graphs, but is usually designed to be more visually appealing than your basic bar graph. Whatever the actual design in question, infographics are a great way to assemble a large amount of information into a much more easy to digest package, and that makes them perfect for even those with the shortest of attention spans.

While it’s true that search engines can’t “see” graphics and images alone, infographics can still be a valuable addition to your SEO plan. An idea that might take a 10,000 word blog post to put across can make the same point much more concisely and interestingly in an infographic, so people that are turned off by reading large amounts will still get your message. Even better, though, is their potential for link building. Infographics are, by nature, easy to share, so if you create a good one, then people will pass it around, and you’ll build valuable links that will benefit your SEO plan in a major way.

If you’re serious about producing good infographics that get results, then you should expect to put a little time and effort into it. As with all other content, quality is key. Make sure it covers an interesting topic and that you present the information in a visually interesting way, too. If you’re not a PhotoShop wizard, consider hiring one to make the infographic for you. Once you’ve got one worth sharing, then put it on your blog and pass it around your social media circles. It may or may not “go viral,” but it will certainly help boost your SEO.