Updated: December 9th 2022

A common misconception about the way a marketing agency provides SEO help is that keyword research only has to be done at the beginning of a campaign or website design. Most people think that the keywords that are chosen to focus on in the beginning are the ones that should be focused on for the duration of the marketing efforts. As the Marketing Sherpa graph below illustrates, keywords are a critical part of an effective SEO campaign, so it is important to get them right.

Current Keyword Optimization Is Critical To Useful SEO Help

SEO help that is out of date is not helpful.

The reality is that keywords, and the impact they can have on a marketing campaign, are not static. The frequency with which users search for keyword terms, along with trends in keyword popularity, change constantly. For example, take the keyword “Big Bird.” One month ago, a website focused on the presidential election would never have had any reason to want to rank highly for the keyword “Big Bird” would it? But during the first presidential debate, the term “Big Bird” exploded on Twitter due to the thousands of comments including “Big Bird.” A website focused on the presidential election would certainly miss out by not adapting its keyword focus to include the most up to date search terms. If they don’t adapt, they will lost the potential traffic for those terms and it will go instead to their competitors’ websites.

Try to think of a website as a boat and the search engine results as the sea. The idea that keywords should be selected for search engine optimization once and never tweaked again is akin to a captain plotting his ship’s course at sea and never altering the course, even when storms or obstacles arise. Would the captain be likely to keep his boat afloat? No. In order to navigate the waters of SEO, a skilled marketing agency will consistently test the keyword data, both internally and externally, and navigate the website’s optimization in order to stay afloat in the search engine results.

A reliable online marketing agency will provide its clients with keyword SEO help that is targeted, relevant, and perhaps most importantly, up to date.