Updated: August 18th 2022

B2B Marketing Effectiveness ChangesSuccessful B2B marketers (and marketers that have read our “The Basics: What is B2B Marketing?” post, too!) know that B2B marketing is not the same as B2C marketing. The methods you’d use to sell a product or service to a consumer will often differ greatly from the methods you’d need to use to sell to a business. The learning curve can be a little steep, but don’t worry – we’ve compiled 3 great, easy B2B marketing tips that you can put into practice right away to give your marketing efforts a leg up on the competition.

3 Easy B2B Marketing Tips

  • Remember Your Audience – Unlike grocery shoppers in the checkout aisle, businesses are not often prone to impulse buys. A B2B transaction often involves multiple buyers that will all need convincing, and businesses also tend to do a lot of in-depth research before committing to a product. This means you can’t just set up a rack of your products like you would a rack of candy bars and expect people to snap them up without thinking. Instead, you must make an abundance of clear, concise information readily available for prospective clients to use in their research, and you must really think about what the various buyers in any given situation are going to be looking for whenever you send out email communications, write copy for your website, or post to your blog.
  • Zap Typos ASAP – Typos happen, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be vigilant. While a consumer may not be overly concerned about your spelling and grammar, a business is another story, and in order to get them to trust you enough to give you their money, you need to show yourself to be professional and knowledgeable. Go over your website with a fine-tooth comb and zap any typos you see, and consider setting up a process within your own company that ensures every communication – website copy, blog posts, emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc. – is clean and free of errors.
  • Take Advantage of Technology – The Internet is basically a given for everyone at this point. Businesses and consumers alike are all on the web, but in a wider sense, we’ve only just begun. New social media platforms are coming out and becoming popular all the time, gadgets like advanced smartphones and tablets with all the bells and whistles are ubiquitous, and even the most basic website can do so much more than it could just 5 years ago. To keep up with the times and your prospective buyers, you need to keep up with technology – creating mobile versions of your whitepapers that are easy to read on an iPhone, for example, or finding a great angle to promote your products on Pinterest will make your business more accessible to the people you want to reach most.

These are just 3 B2B marketing tips that you can consider for your business. By providing easy access to detailed, in-depth information that’s professional, knowledgeable and able to reach the people you want to reach, you’ll soon find the results you’re looking for.