Updated: December 2nd 2022


By now it is common knowledge that a strong social media presence is a critical piece of any well-rounded advertising campaign, and the same is true for your B2B social media marketing efforts. The open lines of communication offered through myriad social platforms allow for an unprecedented level of direct potential customer messaging. But while every business has a message to send, they may not always have the means to send it because their audience is not listening. Growing and retaining an attentive and involved social audience is the key to any B2B social media campaign, but it is often the biggest obstacle these businesses need to overcome. An easy solution to this problem is hosting an online sweepstakes or contest.

B2B Social Media Contest Benefits

As explained by Marketing Sherpa, some of the benefits online sweepstakes provide companies are the ability to:

  • quickly grow their active audience base
  • immediately generate sales and leads
  • promote brand awareness

Not only does an online sweepstakes provide immediate returns on investment due to the instant nature of social media platforms, but the return on investment can be substantially higher than that of more traditional advertising methods. Take the Tourism Queensland contest, for example. Starting with a budget of $1.2 million dollars, the overwhelming response to the campaign netted around $380 million dollars worth of publicity and a 20% increase to area tourism!

Social media online sweepstakes provide the incentive necessary to gain followers, which then yields quick initial results, but long term benefits are achieved, as well. The direct access to a wide, engaged audience allows companies to precisely tailor their products and service menus to their customers’ needs based upon their feedback.

The gains that can be achieved through a social media online sweepstakes are practically limitless, and the key to a successful sweepstakes campaign is properly executing it. For assistance with organizing an online sweepstakes, please contact JSA Interactive for a free consultation at (617) 615 – 9895.

– from Janine, JSA’s Social Media Queen