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Once you have a blog in place to use as part of your B2B marketing strategy and you’ve gotten the hang of producing content regularly and consistently, you may want to think about upgrading that blog to make it even more effective for you. One of the most important things to keep in mind about running a blog for a B2B business is that the people you are selling to are much more likely to do in-depth research and be on the lookout for authorities in the field before they make a purchasing decision. The better your blog is – the more information it provides, the easier it is to find, the easier it is to navigate, etc – the better off you will be.

So with that in mind, here are a few ways you can upgrade your blog for improved performance:

B2B Marketing Strategy Blog Upgrades

  • Internal linking. Internal links are links from one page of your site that lead to another page of your site, and this includes your blog post. Internal linking helps you keep your readers on your site – they start on one post, notice a link to another related post or page, click it, and on and on. This also serves a dual purpose, because internal links are good for SEO. For best results, keep the pages you link to relevant, and try to make sure your anchor text includes a keyword to give it more weight with the search engines.
  • B2B Marketing Strategy Should Include Proper Internal Linking
  • Start commenting. If someone comments on one of your blog posts, you should reply to them, even if it’s just to say “thanks for reading!” or something along those lines. Ideally, blog comment sections should be used for discussions and conversations, and it’s easier to get that ball rolling if you are active and engaged with your readers. That’s not the only place you should be commenting, though – you should also be seeking out other blogs that cover topics of interest to your target demographic, and get involved there. Don’t forget to include your link where possible, but make sure any comments you leave on another blog are actually valuable and contribute to the conversation. Don’t just spam and run or no one will click.
  • Get SEO pro-active. Internal linking is good for SEO, but that’s not all you should be doing. When you sit down to write a post, you should have a specific keyword in mind for that topic. Make sure each post you craft has the proper keyword density for the amount of text you’ve written (3 or 4 instances is good for a 300 to 500 word post), that you’ve got the keyword in the title and the URL of the post, and that you are tagging and using categories correctly and consistently. Also consider getting an SEO WordPress plugin (if you’re using WordPress) like WordPress SEO by Yoast, which will allow you to set your own SEO titles and meta descriptions and insert even more keywords.

These are just three ways you can make blogging as part of your B2B marketing strategy even more effective and successful. Remember to stay consistent and post regularly, and you’ll soon see improved results.



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