B2B marketing strategy

B2B Marketing Strategy: Upgrade Your Blog

by michael • September 26, 2012

Once you have a blog in place to use as part of your B2B marketing strategy and you’ve gotten the hang of producing content regularly and consistently, you may want to think about upgrading that blog to make it even more effective for you. One of the most important things to keep in mind about […]

B2B Marketing Strategy: Best Times for Social Media Posts?

by michael • September 24, 2012

Adding social media to your B2B marketing strategy is a smart move to make, but it’s also one that can bring up a lot of questions. “How do I post?” and “What do I post?” are two of the most common of those questions, but if you are really thinking in terms of strategy, then […]

B2B Marketing Strategy: Building Your Business’s Web Presence

by michael • October 15, 2011

As a savvy B2B businessperson, you know that your company needs to establish a solid web presence in order for your online B2B marketing strategy to actually work. Knowing that is the easy part, however – actually eking out your organization’s own plot of Internet real estate takes a little time, patience, and know-how. In […]