Are you looking to build a local SEO campaign for your law firm? If so, you probably know that potential customers are already looking for you and you just need to put your website in the places where they are already looking online. Thanks to the somewhat contained nature of the internet, you already know where they are looking: Google. In fact, upwards of 97% of those looking for legal advice take to search engines to get it. That makes your best choice obvious: if you want to get new clients for your law firm, an SEO campaign is where you need to start. SEO for lawyers is effective and, when done correctly, can get you to that coveted #1 spot on Google.

Local SEO For Law Firms Tip 1: Fix Your Website Structure

A website that is easy to navigate is a good website, especially when it comes to a law firm’s website. Why? People are already emotionally charged when they visit it, so you don’t want to add to their stress by confusing them with a messy website. You want to ensure that the pages on your website are easy to navigate, have a home, and are intuitive. Put your most important pages right where people can see them – don’t think that a “clean” look is necessarily better. In many cases, it isn’t.

Tip 2: Your Law Firm’s Website Needs To Be Fast

Once again, we are going back to emotion here. When someone is looking for a lawyer, their blood is already pumping and they may already be moving very quickly. If your website takes a long time to load on a normal day, you can expect people to just hit the “back” button and look for someone else. If they are already worked up? Your website needs to be even faster.

Nothing will hurt your chances with a potential client like a slow website. Even if you don’t want to think about the potential client, think about Google: page load speed matters quite a bit to Google. It is one of the local SEO markers that you can always count on them to measure.

Tip 3: A Local SEO Campaign for Lawyers Needs To Include More Pages

To reach more people, you are going to need more keywords. To get more keywords, you are going to have to add new pages. After your home page is optimized, you might want to start thinking about practice area pages. If you are a family and divorce lawyer, for instance, you don’t want people coming to your website looking for a lawyer that specializes in malpractice lawsuits. Or maybe you do – you tell Google what you want to show up for by creating these pages that focus on different aspects of your offerings. 

These pages can be absolutely potent if you do them correctly – meaning you have to set them up, write them, and post them with all of the best practices for a local SEO campaign.

Tip 4: The Biggest Impact On A Local SEO Campaign For Law Firms? The Home Page

The first page that someone lands on is often your homepage, which is why it absolutely needs to be the most important and most valuable page on your website. This means that it needs to be optimized for local SEO, look great, function well, and have trust indicators and reviews.

You may want to include images, videos, graphics, reviews, sliders, and more to help people understand that you are the lawyer to choose. At the same time, you want content that encourages users to spend more time on your site and actually reach out to you.

Tip 5: Consider The Underserved Communities

Creating pages that highlight some of the underserved audiences might help you to reach people who are willing to travel to you. Create location pages for small cities and surrounding areas that might not have law firms targeting them. Not only will this help to pick up people in those surrounding areas, it will help your local SEO campaign for your law firm cement itself in a designated area.

For instance, let’s look at an area like Houston. Of course, you want to target Houston itself, but you might also want to target Greatwood, Cinco Ranch, Nassau Bay, Katy, and more. You would be surprised how much it helps not only to solidify you as a Houston law firm, but as the go-to lawyer for those smaller areas.

Ready To Get Started With A Smart Local SEO Campaign?

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