Updated: December 9th 2022

SEO help has never been more critical to businesses that rely on their websites to drive sales. You probably already know that Google, like all search engines, is constantly refining the way in which it values and displays websites for search results. Recent changes to the Google search engine results page have whittled down the number of organic search listings from 10 down to 7. Obviously, the decreased availability of spots on Google’s first page of search results will be catastrophic for those websites who were clinging to a number 8, 9, or 10 placement ranking, because their website will now be bumped to the second page of results. Considering that the first organic search result often generates about 48% of clicks, that leaves very few click opportunities for websites that are listed on the second page of the search results.

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Google’s Changes Make SEO Help More Critical Than Ever.

Google recently explained their actions in a message to searchengineland.com: “We’re continuing to work out the best ways to show multiple results from a single site when it’s clear users are interested in that site. Separately, we’re also experimenting with varying the number of results per page, as we do periodically. Overall our goal is to provide the most relevant results for a given query as quickly as possible, whether it’s a wide variety of sources or navigation deep into a particular source. There’s always room for improvement, so we’re going to keep working on getting the mix right.”

Google’s job as a search engine is to provide the searcher with a good experience by delivering what they are searching for quickly and effectively. Lowering the number of search results per page is their latest change towards that goal. Unfortunately, for those businesses who rely on their website to generate clients and customers, they will likely need to seek out professional SEO help in order to maintain a first page ranking.