Updated: December 6th 2022

Bing PPC has long played role of Samson to Google Adwords’ Goliath. Given Google’s long held popularity as the go-to search engine, and Google’s resulting stranglehold on search share, it is understandable that marketers largely ignored Bing Ads and instead flocked to Google Adwords in droves to spend their PPC budgets. But the recent partnership between Yahoo and Bing has dramatically narrowed the search share gap between Google Adwords and Bing Ads, and while Google still retains the lion’s share of searchers, it would be unwise to discount the opportunities that Bing PPC has to offer.

Bing PPC ROI Is Steadily Increasing

Bing PPC: Top Two Reasons To Start Now

  • Bing’s customer service caters to the little guy. Bing provides an account representative to any customer who spends at least $500 per month in advertising with them through their Quick Launch program. Customers enrolled in the Quick Launch program receive free advertising consulting from their Bing representative. To get that same level of service from Google, a customer would need to spend over $40,000 per month in advertising. Having an Bing account representative available to speak with and get expert advice from can be invaluable to a business that doesn’t have thousands of dollars to waste on ineffective PPC campaigns.  (Entrepreneur.com)
  • Get your Bing PPC campaign in on the ground floor. Bing’s recent partnership with Yahoo means that they now have nearly 30% of the total search share – nearly half that of Google’s. Since ignoring 30% of your potential customers is an unwise marketing decision, smart marketers are starting their Bing Ad campaigns now. Both Bing and Google require an advertiser to develop an account history, generally from three weeks to six months, before they will show the advertiser’s ads to a large audience, and since Bing’s merger with Yahoo isn’t complete, (tentative plans are for this fall) now is the perfect time for new advertisers to build up their Bing account history before the inevitable flood of new advertisers. (Entrepreneur.com)

Bing’s partnership with Yahoo, and the resulting increase in search share, has made it a viable competitor to Google. No longer can a business afford to ignore Bing PPC as an advertising option because to do so is to ignore 30% of their potential customers.