Updated: December 9th 2022

When it comes to your reputation as a physician, the Internet can be either your greatest blessing OR your greatest enemy. The explosion of social media has made it easy for people to voice their opinions online about the purchases they make, be it for goods or services, and when those opinions are favorable, it can do wonders for your practice, bringing in new patients and helping you retain patients you already have. But when the opinions are negative, it can do just the opposite, causing potential new patients to steer clear and you to lose business. To combat this issue, many turn to services that provide reputation management for physicians.

Why Do You Need Reputation Management for Physicians?

People are more connected to each other via the Internet these days than ever, particularly when it comes to social media. We use social media and the Internet in general to keep up to date with friends and family, but more and more people are also using it to research the companies and individuals that provide products and services. People trust online reviews from other purchasers to tell them what they will get for their money and whether or not they can trust the provider. If the business, product, or service has good reviews, then someone is more likely to make a purchase, but when the reviews are bad, that person is going to steer clear.

And because social media, forums, blogs, and review websites are so popular, bad reviews can spread like wildfire, doing serious damage to your business’s reputation, often before you even know something is wrong at all.

To fix the problem, you can do what some doctors do and ask your patients to sign a “medical gag order” contract that promises they will not post anything negative about you or your office online, but this can backfire, landing you on ratemds.com’s “wall of shame” and making things worse.

A better option is to turn to a company that provides reputation management for physicians instead. These services do just what it says on the tin – they help you manage and maintain your business’s online reputation, stopping malicious hearsay from propagating throughout the Internet and doing serious damage to your bottom line and helping ensure that fair and balanced reviews of your business reach prominence instead. Reputation management keeps you in control, and without it, you are the mercy of bad reviews.