Updated: October 3rd 2022

Small firms often find themselves looking for an industrial marketing strategy that will allow them to stay competitive with larger firms which naturally have larger advertising budgets. In the past, the company with the biggest advertising budget generally won out over the company with the smaller budget. Before the rise of the internet, manufacturing companies needed those big budgets because they lacked the ability to pinpoint their customers at specific times in their purchasing cycle, and therefore had to spend a lot of money and time spreading a broad message. The internet has revolutionized not only the way that customers search for products, but also how an industrial marketing strategy can be tailored to dovetail with the way in which customers are searching.

Industrial Marketing Strategy For Small Firms: Targeted Keyword Optimization

Free online tools, such as the Google Keyword Tool, can be used to identify the keyword terms potential customers are using when searching for products. Amazingly, there are many keyword terms that receive a high volume of searches which have very little competition for them. For example the keyword term “food contract manufacturing companies” has averages 91 searches per month with a high level of competition, while the keyword term “top food manufacturing companies” has 320 searches per month with a low level of competition.

Industrial Marketing Strategy For Small Firms: Keyword Targeting

Using the data culled from keyword searches, a small firm can then optimize their website to contain those keyword search terms for which it would like to appear in the search engine results. The less competition a keyword term has, the easier it will be for the small firm’s website to rank for it. Then, when a potential customer searches for ‘top food manufacturing companies” the small firm’s website will show up.

A small firm using these free tools to research highly specialized keyword terms and then optimize their site for these terms will generate traffic to their website that is already very interested in purchasing their product. By adopting the industrial marketing strategy of optimizing a website for highly targeted keyword search terms, a small firm can easily level the advertising playing field and compete with larger firms.