Nonprofit lead generation is an essential part of staying open and doing the most good – even if you don’t call it something as clinical as lead generation. Instead, you call in outreach, seeking donations, or accepting volunteers. However, it is almost the same thing as lead generation.

Nonprofit lead generation is extremely important because if you want other people to believe in your mission, they have to know that you have one. If people cannot find your nonprofit, then they will struggle to make donations or help you to do the most good.

Lead generation isn’t just about money – it’s about raising awareness, fostering involvement, attaining donations, and encouraging participation for your nonprofit.

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What is Lead Generation for Nonprofits?

Lead generation is one of the facets of marketing for nonprofits – it’s essential purpose is to spark interest in your organization. For the nonprofit world, this means bringing in people who agree with your platform and mission AND engaging them. That engagement can be targeted toward donations, volunteerism, activism, or another resource.

Even if your nonprofit is succeeding in some areas, you want to push for lead generation in others. If you have enough volunteers but need more donations, you can target for those. If you have a special event coming up where you need a specific type of volunteer, you can seek leads for that as well.

Lead generation is particularly important because a nonprofit cannot survive without outside help. In fact, even occasional lead generation isn’t enough; it needs to be constant. To keep supporting your cause, there needs to be consistent lead generation, so the first step is to set up a system that will do that automatically.

Nonprofit Lead Generation: JSA Interactive

JSA Interactive helps your nonprofit with lead generation in a few different ways. Our work is similar to what we do with a traditional business – we come up with a campaign strategy and break it down so that we can make continuous movement.

First, we ensure that you have a clear message in your PPC (pay per click) advertisements and marketing materials. We focus on messages that are short and to the point but have all of your information laid out properly. All of your website content should do similar jobs:

  •         Explain who you are and how you support your cause
  •         Explain why you are different from other charities and nonprofits
  •         Tell people how to learn more about what you do
  •         Give an easy to understand donation
  •         Include a call to action so that people take action

With lead generation, content is king. It isn’t enough to only have a blog on your site – you need to have so much more. Visitors expect something more than a few sentences; they want videos, photos, interviews, and interactive materials. We can help you build this content, including email campaigns, webinars, infographics, informational videos, newsletters, tutorials, and so much more.

Lead Generation Tailored To Your Needs

Not every charity or nonprofit has to do the same thing to earn leads. Instead, you have to try a few different things until you figure out what works. The leads you get will vary as well, so you need to tailor your content to those differences.

You’ll have potential donors or volunteers at different stages of the process, so you have to know where you want to focus your efforts. For example, a nonprofit that gets many smaller donations may have a different approach to lead generation than a nonprofit that gets fewer donations at more significant amounts. At JSA Interactive, we can help you to tailor your lead generation strategies to best fit your nonprofit. To do this, we ensure that we understand your mission and you understand where our efforts go.

However, no matter who is doing the donating, the information has to be as clear as possible and accurate. Then, you can move onto other elements of the website design and internet marketing process.

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes.

Lead Generation for Nonprofits: What We Do

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