Updated: September 25th 2022
Google AdWords PPC services, Google AdWords Pay Per Click

Google AdWords PPC

Today’s leading platform for sponsored search engine advertising is definitely the Google AdWords PPC system, especially if you are looking at overall traffic and targeting abilities. So naturally, if you have products to sell, but you are not appearing on the first page of results after a Google search related to your product, you are missing out on an enormous wealth of potential sales and customers.

Advertising with Google AdWords PPC

Many businesses find that while opening a Google account is pretty straightforward, making their AdWords advertising campaigns actually successful is another story. Why? Because they fail to keep the Google Quality Score in mind when not only putting together their ads, but also putting together the associated landing pages. The Google Quality Score runs on a scale of one to ten, and the higher your score is, the better off you are.

If you have a high Google Quality Score, then you’re right on track for good ad campaigns AND all the perks that come with it, too, like a higher position in the search engine rankings and cheaper costs per click. Low scores, on the other hand, can limit your impressions, put you further down in the rankings, and increase how much you have to pay per click.

To make sure your Google Quality Score remains high, you have to keep a good handle on managing your Google AdWords PPC campaigns. By optimizing them as much as possible using proper keyword selection, writing great ad copy, and even in how you set up the ad campaign itself, you can ensure your scores – and your impressions and ranking on the search engine results pages – stay high.

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