Updated: September 25th 2022

Thank you for registering for the JSA Interactive Marketing Made Easy webinar series! We’re really excited about the opportunity to help you increase your marketing success, but first we’d like to tell you a bit about who we at JSA Interactive are and how our experience can help your company.

JSA Interactive is a performance marketing agency.

We are driven by hard results – by adding profit and value to your business. We even get paid a portion of our fees based on whether we meet those objectives!

By measuring and testing everything, we’ll improve your search placings, your pay-per-click marketing, your website and your response communications in order to optimize your sales funnel. Your end result will be better leads, more of them – and higher profits.

Now that you know who we are, we’re looking forward to showing you what JSA Interactive can do for your company. Call us now at (617) 615-9895 to get started.

In just two months, JSA has doubled the visitors to our website, and quadrupled our leads,” says Michelle Montgomery of Surrogate Parenting Services.

We’ve helped plenty of clients like Michelle, and we can deliver the same rapid, meaningful results for your company, too. And what’s more, we can deliver them in less time than it would take you to hire and train an in-house team!

Thanks again for registering for the JSA Interactive Marketing Made Easy webinar series. We look forward to working with you!