Updated: January 15th 2020
User path analysis services from JSA Interactive, improve conversions

User Path Analysis

Have you ever wished you could look over the shoulder of the average Internet user as they navigate through your website? You’d be able to see how user-friendly your site is, whether or not you’ve positioned the most important information in a place where the average user is most likely to see it, and so much more, right?

Well, the good news is that while you can’t actually look over everyone’s shoulder in person, you can still get the same results with effective user path analysis.

User Path Analysis for a Watertight Sales Funnel

User path analysis, put simply, is a way to determine the sequence of pages and sections on your website that a user follows as he or she navigates your website. This tool is particularly powerful when applied to your sales funnel, because it allows you to see where drop-offs are occurring and gives you the opportunity to seal up those leaks. Are there too many steps in your sign-up process? Are you asking for information that users don’t seem to want to give? User path analysis can show you where you’re losing people, and help you turn those clicks into conversions more consistently and effectively.

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