What is the first thing that someone does when they consider using your website – they look at customer reviews. They immediately take to Google, Facebook, Yelp, or some other rating service to see what your company is like, what you offer, and sometimes even more importantly, what has gone wrong. Most people, sadly, won’t leave comments on these services when you go above and beyond for them. Instead, negativity reigns on these platforms and people aren’t moved to comment unless it is something negative. With our JSA Interactive software, however, you can get some of those positive customer reviews on any site you choose. Even better, we can help you to privately eliminate some unfavorable reviews.

Get More Customer Reviews

We make it easier for you to get reviews that are meaningful and personalized. People using the internet are savvy and can immediately tell if the review isn’t coming from a customer. Instead, we help you to get reviews from actual customers. We will come up with a plan for you to put your review code in places people will actually see it: on your email footers, on your website, on your social media pages, and more.

The trick is that they click your rating right there, between 1-5 stars. If they click on the higher end, they are prompted to leave a review that goes to the site of your choice. If they click on the lower end, they will privately message you, allowing you to handle the issue discreetly.

If you need more customer reviews, reach out to us today to start collecting better, positive, effective reviews.

Preventing Negative Customer Reviews

Bad reviews tend to be exasperated by the person making the comment. However, if you are competing for business, even one bad review is enough to dissuade people from using your services. Through our system, you will see fewer negative reviews. Instead, you will get real-time feedback so that you can prevent the mistake from happening again.

Sometimes, you can handle the situation and get another positive review out of it.

Choose Where Customer Reviews Go

Every niche has their own set of websites that really helps them to get customers. For example, restaurants tend to get more reviews on Yelp, but smaller businesses may want to get more reviews on Facebook.

With our platform, you can choose where you want to send your positive reviews. If you aren’t sure what you want to choose, we can talk to you about some of the pros and cons for each website. You may want to consider Yelp, Facebook, Google, Better Business Bureau, Trip Advisor, and more.

You can even auto post your positive reviews to social media so that you can attract attention that way. Reviews tend to include keywords that people search for, so why not utilize them?

Monitor Customer Reviews

If you are busy doing the work, you don’t always have time to monitor reviews on multiple websites. Our team helps you to monitor your reputation and the different customer reviews that get posted. Some review sites allow you to reply to these messages, which can help you explain the situation for anyone who may read the comment.

Even better, you’ll be able to get real time information about your reviews – when you get the most reviews, where those reviews come from, and even what websites get the most reviews from your customers.

Need more insight into the reviews process? Want to grow your business and actually get feedback from your customers? Call us today to get started on cleaning, curating, and collecting reviews.


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