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SEM for Lawyers

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Search engine marketing (SEM) for lawyers is an increasingly important part of all law firm and lawyer marketing plans. More and more people will go to a search engine, such as Google, to find a lawyer when they are in trouble. This is especially true when someone has been involved in a DUI case or someone has been arrested for the first time. A quick search on Google will reveal quite a bit about a law firm, and SEM for lawyers can help you to use all of that information to your advantage.

Law Firm Marketing Agency

It is quite easy to have your name known on the internet – you can build a website, create social profiles, and add some content. You will show up, somewhere, on the search results. However, there is a problem with just appearing somewhere on the search results – how do you ensure that the people who find your company are the people who will actually be customers? How can you know that the content on your website is working to your advantage – especially if you take hours and hours to build it?

It isn’t enough to just appear on Google. SEM for lawyers helps you to get near the top of the Google rankings, filling your website and social profiles with keywords and relevant content.

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Search engine marketing is how potential clients will find your law firm. It allows lawyers and firms to target the types of clients that they already work with or the types of cases that they want to handle. SEM for lawyers is the best way to generate traffic for your website and introduce potential clients to your firm, showing them the information that you want them to see.

Lawyer Marketing Services

At JSA Interactive, we have worked with law firms on their SEM campaigns to increase the amount of leads they get by quite a bit. To start, we complete keyword research and analysis, looking at what people are actually searching for when they need a lawyer. We can do this by looking at what you are already doing, such as DUI cases, marriage law, or even white-collar crimes. Then, we execute using those keywords that we found, building a strategic plan where we build out your website, adding in content, visual cues, and search engine optimization (SEO) for your service area.

As we work on your SEM campaign, we provide analyzable metrics that help you to understand where the clicks are coming from, which clicks are being converted, and even what the next steps could and should be.

As a company for SEM for lawyers, we are results driven, which is the only way to navigate this world. If you don’t see results, we aren’t doing our job properly.

Our SEM for Lawyers Process

It is a somewhat interesting time to be a lawyer and a law firm, especially from a marketing perspective. When you think about how quickly everything has changed, you will see why older marketing campaigns for lawyers do not work. People are no longer looking at their phonebooks or writing down numbers from signs when they need a lawyer. It is also quite rare that people have a lawyer on retainer, just in case they need them.  Instead people don’t even think about lawyers until they absolutely need one, and then search engines are the go-to way to find someone. You need to be near this space, and when time is of the essence for someone searching for you, you need to be near the top of the results.

Keyword research and a good keyword strategy helps to make SEM for lawyers effective and leads to high levels of ROI on your SEM. Not all keyword strategies are the same, especially when it comes to legal websites. Our team will work with yours to see what matters when it comes to SEM – what do you want to be found for, and conversely, what you no longer want to do (or you never did at all).

Our company’s job is to take those potential customers and usher them beyond that velvet rope, turning them into clients or at least leads. We want to bring you customers who truly believe it was a lucky chance to find you and hire you as their lawyer – without knowing all of the work that goes into it.

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SEM is a full-time job for any business – there is quite a bit to learn and even more to keep up with as everything changes regularly. SEM for lawyers, in particular, requires constant attention and a keen eye for details and any potential problems. If you pay as much attention to SEM as you need to in order to be effective, it will quickly emerge that you cannot perform SEM for your law firm and actually play an active role in legal cases at the same time – there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Our team takes over there so that you can be a part of your cases again. We work on your SEM, contacting you when there is a need for major decisions or questions about what you want. You can play as much of a role as you want – there are some things that you will need to do, including approving content and changes before they get posted. We understand that your website needs to be in top form.

In order to monitor the performance of your SEM, we will provide you with actionable information that can help you to better understand where your clicks come from and who is looking for your content. We walk that fine line between art (creating landing pages, blog posts, and content) and analytics, building something that looks good but still performs as it needs to.

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