New Guide! 50 Content Marketing Ideas That Drive Tons Of Traffic

by michael • December 7, 2012

Content marketing is an effective tactic to add to your inbound marketing mix, but coming up with a steady stream of ideas for valuable content your target audience will find useful can get tough. In this new free training guide from JSA Interactive, you’ll find 50 content ideas that will help drive tons of traffic […]

New Guide! How to Build Buyer Personas That Turn Clicks into Conversions

by michael • December 5, 2012

Buyer personas are a more in-depth alternative to examining your target audience than simple demographics. In our latest free training guide, “How to Build Buyer Personas That Turn Clicks into Conversions,” we examine how you can build effective buyer personas that allow you to speak directly to your target audience – who they are, how […]

New Guide! How to Use YouTube in Your B2B Marketing Mix the Right Way

by michael • December 3, 2012

Unsure of the right way to use YouTube for your B2B marketing efforts? Head on over to our new Free Training section and instantly download your copy of our new training guide, “How to Use YouTube in Your B2B Marketing Mix the Right Way.” Download now and let us know what you think! More free […]

Social Media Marketing: 4 Ways to Get Banned from Pinterest

by michael • December 1, 2012

Do you like social media marketing for your business? Looking to expand your efforts and start making the most of Pinterest? Great idea! Pinterest is a fast-growing social media platform that is ideal for many different types of businesses – but if you want to use it for your marketing efforts, it’s important to follow […]