General Internet Marketing

B2B Marketing Ideas: Make Getting In Touch Simple

by Julian Awad • September 12, 2012

Here at JSA Interactive, we often conduct user testing studies wherein we have random, anonymous users take a good look at a website and answer a few questions about their experience. One of the more common complaints we see in analyzing their responses is also one of the easiest B2B marketing ideas that you can […]

What is Inbound Marketing?

by Julian Awad • September 6, 2012

When it comes to marketing, you’ve basically got two different types to work with: inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing encompasses things like website pop-ups, direct mail, cold-calling, spam emails, TV and radio commercials, sales fliers, and other traditional forms of advertising. In essence, with outbound marketing, you are trying to attract customers by […]

SEO Help: Turn Your 404 Into Something More

by Julian Awad • August 23, 2012

For many business websites the 404 page rarely gets any attention. Generally it is a page that no web developer wants the user to see. Many hours go into making sure that the website is functioning properly and that all links lead to somewhere. But it is going to happen, the user will end up […]

Easy Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

by Julian Awad • August 2, 2012

Your internet marketing efforts are a crucial part of your business, and that’s true for pretty much everyone, regardless of the size of the company, the industry, the product or the service. But even though we know that it’s important and that we have to do it right, so many businesses seem to fall into […]

Internet Marketing: How to Turn a Negative Review Into a Positive Experience

by Julian Awad • July 28, 2012

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” is pretty good – if cliched – advice to keep in mind when the bad stuff happens in our lives, but it can be pretty hard to find the potential for lemonade when the lemon that life forks over comes in the form of a negative online review […]

B2B Marketing Strategy: Building Your Business’s Web Presence

by Julian Awad • October 15, 2011

As a savvy B2B businessperson, you know that your company needs to establish a solid web presence in order for your online B2B marketing strategy to actually work. Knowing that is the easy part, however – actually eking out your organization’s own plot of Internet real estate takes a little time, patience, and know-how. In […]