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Bing Pay Per Click: Tips & Tricks for Getting More Quality Clicks

by Julian Awad • September 20, 2012

When you sit down to write your Bing pay per click ads, you likely have one main goal in mind: getting those clicks. But you don’t just need clicks – you need clicks that turn into conversions, because simply getting clicks without that user also completing your desired action (a purchase, signing up for your […]

Bing PPC vs Google PPC: Which Should You Choose?

by Julian Awad • September 19, 2012

When it comes to search share, Google is the clear winner, currently raking in 66.4% according to August’s comScore numbers, but that doesn’t mean you should discount Bing – they’re currently in second place, with 15.9%, and if you add in their partner Yahoo’s share, you end up with a cool 28.7%. So when you’re […]

Inbound Marketing Tips for Creating Content

by Julian Awad • September 18, 2012

Yesterday, we talked about blogging as a great method to add to your inbound marketing strategy and how budgeting your time effectively when you do sit down to blog will help you maximize your results, but what should you actually write about once you’re there? Effective blogging on a regular basis requires a steady stream […]

3 Reasons to Add Bing PPC to Your Marketing Mix Today

by Julian Awad • September 17, 2012

Bing is Microsoft’s answer to the search engine, advertised as a “decision engine.” It was went live back in 2009, and has since been working hard to try to take some of the search share away from Google, who completely dominates in this area in terms of users. But don’t discount Bing just because it’s […]

Inbound Marketing Strategy: Budget Your Blog Time Wisely

by Julian Awad • September 17, 2012

Content is a major component of any successful inbound marketing strategy, and for many businesses, blogging is the biggest vehicle for carrying that content out into the world. But thinking about blogging and actually doing it successfully are two different things, so before you get in over your head, it’s important to first figure out […]

B2B Marketing Articles: A Round-Up of Our Posts This Week

by Julian Awad • September 14, 2012

It’s Friday, and we’ve spent all this past week covering various aspects of the B2B marketing world, from email marketing best practices to B2B marketing tips and B2B social media. In case you missed anything, we’ve compiled a round-up of the all the great information we’ve been sharing in list form for easy access. B2B […]

B2B Marketing: Nurturing Trade Show Leads

by Julian Awad • September 14, 2012

Trade shows have always been a staple B2B marketing tactic. The trade show attendance population has changed dramatically since the advent of the internet. The vast array of information available on the internet has made the majority of broad category trade shows not worth the time, effort and money for most businesses to attend. Instead, […]

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices: Go Mobile

by Julian Awad • September 13, 2012

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming ubiquitous objects in everyone’s lives, and that means the most successful email marketing campaigns will often be those that nail down some key B2B email marketing best practices for mobile devices. According to recent statistics collected by, 50% of cell phones in the United States […]

B2B Social Media Marketing: 5 Reasons to Use Social Media

by Julian Awad • September 13, 2012

Everyone is using social media these days, businesses and consumers alike. While it may seem that social media is geared much more toward the consumer end of things – friends and family sharing photos and funny videos and keeping up to date on each other’s lives, and B2C companies engaging with users on a more […]

B2B Marketing Ideas: Make Getting In Touch Simple

by Julian Awad • September 12, 2012

Here at JSA Interactive, we often conduct user testing studies wherein we have random, anonymous users take a good look at a website and answer a few questions about their experience. One of the more common complaints we see in analyzing their responses is also one of the easiest B2B marketing ideas that you can […]