Updated: September 20th 2019

A great-looking website is all well and good, but if it’s not making your business the sales it needs, then it’s pretty much useless. And for that reason, one of the most important aspects of any Internet marketing campaign is analysis and tracking, including SEO analysis. Many businesses, particularly if they are first starting out online, tend to rely on their own feelings and reactions when they write ads or design landing pages, but the real way to go about making a landing page that makes the conversions is mostly accomplished through testing and tracking, analyzing the results, and optimizing those landing pages accordingly.
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There are many different processes that go into analysis and tracking, such as:

  • Split testing – You have two versions of an ad for the same product. Which will perform? Why did it perform better? How can you duplicate that result for other products and services? Split testing is the way to find out just that.
  • Form threshold – This is similar to split testing, but specifically used to refer to the process of filling out forms. The general rule is to keep the visitor’s typing time down to a minimum, but if you need more than your standard name and email address collected, you need to find out how much people are willing to fill out before they’ll just give up and leave.
  • Date and time – If you find that visitors tend to convert more often on certain days of the week or at certain times of the month, etc, then you can decide whether you want to focus more on those days you’re getting the traffic and try to boost it there, or focus more on the less good days to see if you can bring those numbers up.
  • Feedback – Does your site collect customer feedback? If so, pay attention to it! They’ll tell you what they like and don’t like, and you can adjust accordingly.
  • And much, much more.

The world of analysis and tracking is vast and full of information. Great analytics software is also important, because it can help parse all of that potential information into smaller packets that are much easier to digest. Once you start pulling in data, you can start the optimization process and begin to improve and make changes based on that data. A successful marketing campaign features almost constant revision, because it allows you to keep up with what your target audience is after.

Here at JSA Interactive, we understand how crucial this aspect of marketing your business is, and pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients achieve their conversion goals, and earn an ROI on their marketing projects. With decades of combined experience, our expert staff is well versed in gathering the necessary data and turning it into useful, real world steps you can take to improve your conversions.

Return on Investment is the goal. For every $1 you spend on marketing, we want to make sure you earn more than $1 back.

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