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SEO Case #1How we achieved top rankings on multiple competitive and strategic niche terms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most talked about, yet least understood, aspects to marketing a business online. When an organization hires JSA Interactive to help boost their presence online, we turn to SEO to give them the jump-start they need. Take this recent project, for example:

A New England firm specializing in Partner Relationship Management software and related services came to us for assistance with both increasing site traffic and boosting conversions in the process. As an industry leader, they enjoy a reputation for high quality results, but found they were having difficulty getting the word out in the right way to attract new business. By implementing a new, solid, highly-structured SEO plan involving a new keyword strategy and a web design overhaul, we were able to increase traffic from highly qualified keywords by 360%, boost organic traffic by 441%, and generate quality leads – including an RFP from a Fortune 100 company!

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Split Testing Case #1How we pit champions against challengers to find you the most effective campaigns.

Did you know that advertising online without also utilizing split testing is a great way to lose money rather than make it? Split testing involves creating multiple versions of the advertisements in question – be they landing pages, AdWords ads, website designs, or anything in between – and then comparing their stats to determine which is doing the better job. This process can make the crucial difference between loss and profit for your organization, as one of our clients found:

A surrogacy agency that’s been in business longer than almost all of its competitors and is held in high regard throughout the industry still found they were having difficulty both generating and qualifying new leads via their website. Due to the type of services the organization provides, the prospects coming through must be as highly qualified as possible to ensure better conversions and cut down on wasted time, money, and effort sorting through mountains of leads that will never be viable. Split testing was a key factor in coming up with a solution that worked, by allowing us to compare the results of multiple variations of the company’s contact form and narrow it down to only those that produced the best qualified leads. In the end, the surrogacy agency was left with a sleek, tailored, and productive way to capture new leads without wasting resources.

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Split Testing Case #2Why conversion rates are nearly useless without conversion trends.

Conversion rates are great to know, but they aren’t the only important things you need to track when implementing an online marketing campaign. Conversion trends are also crucial to stay on top of, simply because the right reaction to a new trend in conversions can also actually boost your conversion rates in the process. Paying attention to conversion trends will often allow you to catch a downturn in your rates before the rates actually start dropping noticeably – think of it as an early warning system for your marketing budget:

A client that sells complex software in the legal industry was having decent success maintaining traffic and conversions generated by the various ad mediums they had employed but wanted to make their efforts even more effective, and they turned to JSA Interactive for assistance. Upon review of their materials, we implemented a system wherein the client was not only keeping an eye on actual conversion rates, but the conversion trends that come along with them each time a new variable is added to a campaign.

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PPC Marketing Case #1We can lower your costs while increasing your conversions through smarter Google Adwords management!

Starting a Google AdWords campaign without a clear plan of attack is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute – you’ll be okay in the short term, but you’re still going to eventually hit bottom. In order to make the most of your marketing budget when you run ads on AdWords, you need a clear, concise strategy designed to make the most of every move you make. Consider a recent campaign we conducted on behalf of one of our clients:

A local client working in the medical field wanted to find a way to use AdWords to bring in new patients for his practice more effectively. Before turning to us for help, they had been running AdWords using keywords and phrases that were related to the work they do, but too vague to be considered qualified enough for effective lead generation. By conducting extensive research and testing, JSA Interactive was able to devise not only a better, more qualified, list of keywords and phrases, but write compelling, catchy AdWords ads with which to use them. The result? Increased traffic, and a slew of new patients flocking to the clinic’s front door.

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